Monday 18 July 2011

On offer limited edition "Destructive art" by the artist formerly known as Teacher Tom

I thought I would give readers the first opportunity to make a bid on 3 pieces of art created by the infamous artist formerly known as Teacher Tom but better known as the “Grim Reaper of kites

The artist has produced a stunning reflection of inner aggression by shredding nylon in tantalizing patterns. Each piece, approximately 170 m^2, will be signed by the artist and caries a watermark in one of the corners (if you can find that piece ) which has the letter N above a S, which we think stands for Not Salvageable.

Each piece has been appropriately named by the artist:

Lot number 1:

A3 asymmetric reflection of anger in 1.2 ounce

Statistics: 158 m^2 of nylon in more than 8 pieces. This piece was created on Saturday the 16/7/11 and the original piece only survived 2 min and 15 seconds in the hands of the artist, a new record.

Lot number 2:

S4 small tears lead to bigger problems

Statistics: 173 m^2 of 0.75 oz. nylon. This piece was created by the artist on 17/7/11. It was carefully ripped across and then up and down both leeches to be finished by removing at least one clew and head.

Lot number 3 :

S2 extended range of anger

Statistics: originally 173m^2 of 0.5 oz. nylon stretched to at least 180 m^2. This piece was created on 17/7/11 by using a new method. The artist took the range of this piece to a new level by flying it in a 38 knots gust. This piece might also interest people who are into 1000+ pieces of puzzle games.

I’m inviting offers on each piece. The artist has been highly productive and went in 48 hours through 516 m^2 of nylon. An average of 10.75 m^2 per hour even when he was asleep!!!

It’s a remarkable period in his career and each piece will bring a lifetime of memories.