Thursday 18 March 2004

Cookson 50

It is like a natural cycle by now. Every few years Mick Cookson decides that it's time he built himself a new boat, and after much doodling and invention, out pops something that is fast, fun to sail, and hopefully, commercially attractive.
His two most recent High Five yachts were the Cookson 39, which proved very competitive during the heyday of the IMS rule, and the Cookson 47, a development of Big Apple, which, with its sister ship Seahawk, won the 2000 Kenwood Cup in Hawaii. Both were from the drawing boards of Farr Yacht Design in Annapolis, MD
Now his sights are set on a 50-footer with a canting keel and trim tab arrangement. As with all his own projects, he has once again chosen Farr Yacht Design to develop the concept, which is aimed at plugging a hole in the market for an affordable, seriously quick, high-performance production