Wednesday 17 July 2013

STOP PRESS! Xp33 wins best IRC boat overall trophy

The Xp 33 BonExemple continued her her unbeaten track record by winning the highly contested Volvo Din Laoghaire regatta in a fleet of 19 boats.

So far the new Xp33 BonExemple has won every series she competed in under the popular IRC rule.
Tactician Jochem Visser was particular happy with the final race in this series where the match raced their only remaining competitor  down the fleet and then pulled out the afterburners to sail back into the lead to seal a convincing overall win.

1BON EXEMPLE Xp 33  9 points
2NOW OR NEVERMat 1010  14 points
3ROCKABILL Corby 3320 points
4CARMEN II   First 36.7   23 points
5GRINGOA35  27 points
6ANIMAL Elan 380 30 points
7FLASHBACKFirst 34.731 points
8BLACK VELVET  First 34.732 points