Tuesday 19 July 2011

IRC Nationals XP 44 impressive

During the windy IRC nationals, organized by RORC on the Solent, the brand new XP 44 took the lead ahead of all the other production yachts and finished 4th overall.
On the first day of the regatta the Xp 44 even took the lead among the high ballast ratio's custom IRC racers but the remaining two windy days, with gusts up to 35 knots the 3 lighter custom Kerr boats took off downwind. She was impressive against the bigger, higher rated Grand Soleil 46 Antilope. Matching her speed in most conditions and beating her overall on handicap comfortably.

In more moderate conditions she seems to excel and point well upwind compared to her rivals. In the stronger conditions she was able to plane and excel downwind. She will be one to watch as the team sailing her is still learning to untap her full potential and more performance is definitely still to come.

Full results on RORC Website

Action pictures on Paul Wyeth website