Friday 5 December 2014

Vestas: mistakes happen.......we only learned to walk by falling over many times

People and sailors around the world have to understand that the role of a navigator has changed drastically. Having been in the Nav seat so many times myself I have experienced a great change in the role a navigator now plays. Where it used to be a simple task of knowing where you were and how to get there. Now it has changed with an array of weather, tidal and performance data super imposed on a small screen leaving the navigator in a multitasking role. Swinging between performance management, basic navigation, meteorology and being the primary feed into tactical decisions. Imagine your screen cluttered with not only the winning routes and accompanying isochrones for your boat but also the weather grib-files, current grib-files and routing options for your opponents. Let alone the temptation to use the latest satellite image as a geo-referenced back ground map to see that all important cloud line. I've experienced myself more than once sense of drowning in data especially when tired. Before we judge and point with fingers have a look at this Volvo ocean race analysis and tell me........Can you see St Brandon's on the link below?