Tuesday 10 July 2012

Round the Island 2012

The Round the Island Race started with a bit controversy as the committe decided pretty much last minute to abandon the start for the smaller multihulls and the sportboats......a bit of a dumper for the the Open 7.50 Cool Runnings. After the last RTI was surely in more breeze and more challenging conditions many of the Sportboats started anyway and had a great ride around the island.
For Cool Runnings the reach from the Needles to St Catherines ended with overtaking the 164 ft Eleonora, steered by Ben Ainslie, by the "beast" in spectaculair fashion. Captured by David Beaumont, above.
Keen to create some good footage we were equiped with a Gopro Camera on the bowsprit as well as one on the end of the main boom. With the new Gopro remotes we could now switch them on and off on demand to create some good stuff........except that I forgot to put the memory card in the back one! Nevertheless the bowsprit cam came up with some good views of the pocket rocket skipping over the steep waves at St Catherines.